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Channeled Paintings

Interdisciplinary Artist Composer Channels Paintings from the Spiritual Realm...🌹

David Young's new collection of soft abstract contemporary paintings are vibrant, positive and filled with spiritual energy. 

Sometimes an artists' story is as profound as the art he creates.

David Young is a world renowned multi faceted musician known for playing two Renaissance flutes at one time and selling over 1,000,000 copies. He started his company with his last $100 at Venice Beach in 1990 under the name Celestial Winds and now 300,000 people every day are uplifted by his 60 recorded albums at healing centers around the world. 


He started painting in 2011 and sold his paintings at the biggest art festivals in the United States at Coconut Grove in Miami, Lincoln Center in New York and Ann Arbor Michigan, to name a few.


His career transformed into meditation events in 2015 after he wrote three books and now does spiritual events all over the world. 


His paintings are now available to galleries and art collectors.

David met an ex girlfriend at one of his meditation events and had an instant connection. While spending time with her in Miami, David was inspired by her tremendous collection of original paintings by the most famous Cuban artists: Fabello, Oliva, Choco, Nelson Dominguez and Tomas Sanchez.

"Her father ad discovered all of those amazing painters before they were famous when they lived in Cuba and are still close friends to this day. Many of these paintings were made for her family as gifts while these artists visited her family on long weekends. 

"Being surrounded by all of this incredible art had a profound effect on me and I started to paint again after taking a few years off while I wrote my books."

A few months later Nelson Dominguez came to visit her and her family and was impressed with David's work and Nelson suggested they collaborate on a painting. The result is the 60" x 84" acrylic on canvas aptly named "Two become One."

David created 40 other paintings over a nine month period, primarily acrylic/ mixed media on canvas. Many are 40" or larger and the paintings range from $2,500 to $40,000.


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